Please keep in mind that all prices listed below are a baseline and are subject to change. Prices may be affected by other factors, such as the level of complexity of the project, a high number of revisions, a rushed deadline, shipping costs, and extra requests.

All prices and quotes are in USD. 50% Deposit Upfront. I require a 50% deposit before any work will begin on the project. This is to reserve a spot on my calendar, as well as to allow me to purchase any materials that might be needed to complete the job. I accept payments through Paypal, credit/debit card using Paypal or the Cash app. In the case of local clients, I can swipe credit/debit cards using square or take cash.

Non-Acceptable methods for payment. I cannot accept checks, nor can I take mailed payment, such as cash or money order.

All paintings are done on canvas and ready to hang . The table below lists the standard sizes that I use frequently. If you have another size painting or mural in mind please let us know. My pricing breakdown is as follows: size of canvas + shipping and materials, + 2.9% for Paypal fees, + 7% for taxes; all rounded up to the nearest dollar.

*Smaller and larger sizes available per request.

Prices for art002.001.jpeg