Prices listed on the pricing chart are subject to change. See the pricing guide for an idea of what your project may cost. Keep in mind that the prices listed are a base price and may be affected by other factors, such as the level of complexity of the project, a high number of revisions, and shipping costs.

A maximum of 3 (free) revisions. I want the final product to be exactly what you were looking for, so I do our best to communicate with you to get the clearest idea possible of your commission before I begin work. After we have clarified all the details I will draw up a sketch for your approval. If it's not quite right, I welcome your feedback so that I can make it perfect for you. 

I will do up to 3 major revisions to the sketch for free. Each revision after that will add $25-50 to the total cost of the project depending on the size of the project and the scope of the change.

1-4 weeks’ turnaround time. Before I even start on the project I will work with you to come up with a concrete start and finish date. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, I will be able to complete and ship it within 1-4 weeks from the day that I start. If you have a deadline sooner than my estimated quote, we can discuss a reasonable turnaround and up to 20% of the commission cost may be added to the total cost.

Things I will not do:

I uphold the right to turn down any client for any reason. I will not depict  graphic nudity, pornographic art or art with a racist, bigoted, or hateful message.

Fill out the form on my website, or send me an email at james@iamjameswhitley.com with the subject "commission." Be sure to include what type of commission you are looking for (original painting or mural) and to give a good description of what you’re looking for. If you are emailing me attaching reference photos is highly encouraged.

I will contact you within 2-3 working days about your idea. We will hammer out the details about what you're looking for, your deadline, and a quote for the project. Keep in mind I reserve the right to decline any commission requests.

After we have agreed on all the information I will send you a contract document with all the details of the project, as well as an invoice for your deposit. A deposit of 50% is required before any work will begin.

I will draw up a concept sketch and color mock-up for your approval. If you have any changes or revisions that you would like me to make to the sketch this would be the time to tell me. Up to 3 free revisions.

Once you've approved the sketch and colors, I will move on to painting and finalizing your work.

Your final balance is due upon completion of the artwork. Once it has been received the work can either be collected if you live in the area or it can be shipped to you.